Monday, March 27, 2023

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Recently I was asked some questions about the Genesis flood by an evangelical Christian. After hearing my views on the subject, she was clearly taken aback. I quickly reassured her that I wasn't judging her for taking it literally....
So far on this blog I have managed to stay above the fray. I think there's a danger in saying "my message is the right message, and yours is wrong". On many things the Bible is open to some...

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The Heresy of the Apostle Paul

After the death of Judas who betrayed Jesus, the disciples gathered to select his successor. They prayed for divine discernment in making their selection....

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Did Christians Change Psalm 22?

Today I am looking at a discussion between two Christian heavyweights, Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown. They are discussing the underlying word behind "they pierced" in Psalm 22:16.