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Was Jesus really buried in a tomb?

Ever since doctor Gary Habermas presented his minimal facts argument for the resurrection, it has been a hotly debated topic. Recently, Paulogia responded...

Mike Winger on the Long Ending of Mark

Recently Pastor Mike Winger concluded his online study of the book of Mark on his YouTube channel. After it concluded, he addressed the long...

Is The Book Of Enoch Scripture?

My focus here is to ask this question. Did Jesus and the New Testament authors think that the Book of Enoch was scripture?

Out Of Egypt I Have Called My Son

In the book of Matthew we find several prophecy fulfillment citations. In other words, a thing happened to fulfill a prior prophecy. I plan...

Writing Your Own Gospel vs Harmonization

Recently I watched a series of videos by Pastor Mike Winger on Biblical contradictions. In one of the videos he addresses Bart Ehrman and...

Does Jesus Make Us New Creatures?

Suppose you were to be introduced to a good Christian man. A person you could really look up to. Perhaps you might ask to...

The Alternative Christmas Facts of Matthew and Luke

Last week Alisa Childers posted a video about 5 alternative facts from the Christmas story that she believes that people get wrong. For the...

James White on Rabbi Tovia Singer

I found this video to be extraordinarily interesting for several reasons. First, it's interesting to see James White gushing over Rabbi Singer's embrace of...

Hitler, God, and The Bible by Ray Comfort

I bumped into this title on Audible and I was fascinated. Ray Comfort is a Christian minister. Moreover, his mother was Jewish. Therefore, this...

An inadequate defense of Matthew’s genealogy

There are several problems with the genealogies listed for Jesus in the books of Matthew and Mark. This really isn't a big deal, unless...

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The Heresy of the Apostle Paul

After the death of Judas who betrayed Jesus, the disciples gathered to select his successor. They prayed for divine discernment in making their selection....

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Did Christians Change Psalm 22?

Today I am looking at a discussion between two Christian heavyweights, Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown. They are discussing the underlying word behind "they pierced" in Psalm 22:16.