Is The Book of Enoch Scripture?

In response to a short by Inspiring Philosophy, I created this short about the Book of Enoch. Is the Book of Enoch scripture?


I don’t think Enoch is scripture, but how does Mike from Inspiring Philosophy get around it? #bookofenoch #scripture #christiantiktok

♬ original sound – Steve Parry

There’s no doubt that the Book of Enoch is uncomfortable for Christians today. There are both bizarre and heretical teachings found in it. But one cannot escape the fact that it clearly influenced New Testament authors, and their understanding of the scripture.

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I was raised a Christian, turned atheist as a teenager, and became a Noahide in my 40's. Here I will share what I have learned, and look forward to what you can teach me. Thank you for stopping by Biblical Anarchy. Feel free to leave a comment.

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