Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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My argument is that the entire reason for the chosen red letters is theological, and not dictated by the text. Moreover, some of the writings left in black would appear to be continuations of the words written in red.
I picked up this book at Books A Million. It's a pretty nice production with thick, magazine like glossy pages. Additionally, it is well illustrated with nice images. The dimensions of the book are a bit odd, but that's...

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The Heresy of the Apostle Paul

After the death of Judas who betrayed Jesus, the disciples gathered to select his successor. They prayed for divine discernment in making their selection....

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Did Christians Change Psalm 22?

Today I am looking at a discussion between two Christian heavyweights, Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown. They are discussing the underlying word behind "they pierced" in Psalm 22:16.