Finding Jesus in Tanakh: Mike Winger Challenged

A couple months back Mike Winger made a post to his YouTube channel. He asked if anyone had 25 hours to kill. As a matter of fact, I do. I’m a trucker. 25 hours of videos for me is a couple days of driving and listening. Well, as it turns out he has a series of 27 videos called “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.” Of course, this interested me, so I listened. I wasn’t half way through the verse video before I wanted to do a response video. Ladies and Gentlemen, the time as come for me to respond to Mike Winger’s Finding Jesus in Tanakh series.

This is the first video in the series, yet I focus on his fifth video. Why? Because I wanted to make the point of what I am doing here. I want to make this series “safe” for everyone. This isn’t a showdown where I’m going to tell you Mike is wrong about everything. However, where he is wrong I will point that out. Rather, I am using it as an opportunity to show how a Noahide views these scriptures that he is using to find Jesus.

Why do Mike and I see these passages differently?

It’s easy to say that he is a Christian and I am a Noahide, therefore we disagree. This statement is true. However, it is inadequate. In this video I attempt to show how Christians read the Bible differently, thus coming to different conclusions. In a recent video I quoted William Lane Craig who says the following.

Christians don’t believe in Jesus because they read the Bible. They read the Bible because they believe in Jesus.

For this reason, it is necessary that they read the scriptures differently. No text can prove them wrong because their faith is in a higher source. Jesus. However, this leaves open the question where did they learn about Jesus? The answer is in part the New Testament. To a larger degree though, it is the church. Their pastor taught them about Jesus. This places a higher level of authority in the church than it does the Bible.

As one who rejects this view, I place the ultimate authority in the Bible. We start with Torah. Is it true? I accept it as such. Therefore, when reading further passages they must comply with Torah. This is where God revealed Himself to Moses and the Israelites “so that they may know that He is God.” In Deuteronomy 13, he instructs them to reject any new and different teachings. Thus, I comply.

Obviously, through much of this series I will be disagreeing with Pastor Mike Winger. However, my disagreements will be over how the text is read, or what it actually says. This series will not be an attempt to get Christians out of the church. Rather, it will be an attempt to show them what I believe is a better, more accurate way of reading Tanakh. What one does with this information is entirely up to them.


I was raised a Christian, turned atheist as a teenager, and became a Noahide in my 40's. Here I will share what I have learned, and look forward to what you can teach me. Thank you for stopping by Biblical Anarchy. Feel free to leave a comment.

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