When Life Feels Like A Wilderness


Reverend Aaron White is one of my favorite preachers in the world. If you’re not a Unitarian Universalist (and you’re probably not) his sermons will be unusual to you. So as a heads up, UU churches aren’t organized around doctrine. Rather, it’s a covenant between members. Hence, you won’t hear typical dogma that you might be accustomed to.

As far as Unitarian congregations go, Reverend White gets more into the Bible than most. But I love how he ties Jesus’ experiences in with the Buddha’s and John the Baptist. Try that at your local Baptist church.

When life feels like a wilderness.

Why I shared this sermon.

If you don’t care to stick around for the whole thing, skip to 14 minutes in. Reverend White shares a video of an elderly ballerina with dementia who, when hearing the music she once danced to, relives the dance in the most graceful and spectacular display you will ever see from an elderly woman in a wheelchair. It ties in to a great message, but it’s worthwhile as a stand alone. Check it out.

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