Thursday, August 11, 2022

Check out these videos from the web, and see what Atar has to say about them.

Studying The Bible

Allie Beth Stuckey Refutes Self Love Message

So far on this blog I have managed to stay above the fray. I think there's a danger in saying "my message is the...

Hot, Cold, or Lukewarm?

I know that I come off a little hard on the New Testament sometimes, so let's take a break and try to consider a...
The Genesis Flood

The Genesis Flood: Is It A Historical Event?

Recently I was asked some questions about the Genesis flood by an evangelical Christian. After hearing my views on the subject, she was clearly...

Book Reviews

Looking At Religion

Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics

I picked up this book at Books A Million. It's a pretty nice production with thick, magazine like glossy pages. Additionally, it is well...

Is Jesus Actually A Descendant of David?

The only scriptural way that I am aware of to make the claim that Jesus is a descendant of David is to dismiss the virgin birth as mythical. This is fair to do since the gods impregnating human women is a standard feature in ancient biographies.

What Do We Mean By “Word of God”?

Is every word of The Bible the inspired word of God? That depends on who you ask. I already know the prevailing Christian views...