Monday, March 27, 2023

Check out these videos from the web, and see what Atar has to say about them.

Studying The Bible

Hot, Cold, or Lukewarm?

I know that I come off a little hard on the New Testament sometimes, so let's take a break and try to consider a...

Reading The New Testament Into The Old

Recently I picked up Dr. Michael Heiser's book "Unseen Realm." For those interested, a review will follow in the future. However, I want to...

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounters Deception

Please don't ask me how I stumbled across this. It's a complicated and convoluted story you likely don't want to hear anyway. So let's...

Book Reviews

Looking At Religion

The Divine Inspiration of the Bible

This is an audio book review of the book by A. W. Pink. I picked it up because I'm interested in hearing all sides...

Writing Your Own Gospel vs Harmonization

Recently I watched a series of videos by Pastor Mike Winger on Biblical contradictions. In one of the videos he addresses Bart Ehrman and...

When Life Feels Like A Wilderness

Reverend Aaron White is one of my favorite preachers in the world. If you're not a Unitarian Universalist (and you're probably not) his sermons...