Dr. Michael Brown Defending the Noahide Laws

One might think that the last place a Noahide might look to have their laws defended from crazy conspiracy theories is a Jewish Christian. However, one would be wrong. Dr. Brown is a well established Christian vlogger on YouTube with his own call in show The Line of Fire. Last year, he was confronted with the conspiracy theories surrounding the Noahide Laws. I was not shocked to see Dr. Michael Brown defending the Noahide Laws. He’s a good guy who calls it straight up the way he sees it.

Obviously, I disagree with Dr. Brown on many issues. However, I respect him as a person. For those of you unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding the Noahide Laws, he lays out the case quite well. If you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll lay out the basics here.

The Noahide Law Controversy.

Dr. Michael Brown Defends The Noahide Laws

I am not going to link to any of the websites spreading this nonsense. However, you are free to google and check for yourselves. I’m not making this up, I swear. Basically, there are some conspiracy theorists who are going to tell you that the Noahide Laws are a subterfuge to chop the heads off of Christians. Here’s how it works.

Apparently, there is a Rabbi who wrote in the Talmud that the penalty for idolatry is beheading. Furthermore, some Rabbi’s believe that Christianity is idolatry. Why? Because they are worshipping a man (Jesus) as God. Moreover, the Noahide Laws, they say, are a Jewish plot to kill Christians. However, a small amount of research and common sense dispels this myth. Here’s why.

First, a lot of Rabbi’s do not believe that Christianity fits the definition of idolatry. Furthermore, most of the ones who do believe that it is idolatry only believe this is the case for Jews who are Christians. Dr. Brown points this out in his video. Thus, only Jewish Christians and Messianic Jews would be threatened by this. However, even this logic runs into a snag.

Jews by definition aren’t subject to the Noahide Laws in the eyes of the Rabbi’s. These are the laws for the righteous of the nations. Moreover, Jews are subject to the laws of Moses. Thus, they don’t actually need nationwide acceptance of the Noahide laws to inflict this punishment if that were indeed their desire. The first commandment tells Jews to have no other God “on my face”. This is the only law they need.

All of this aside, there is one last problem. If you read my article on the Noahide Laws, then you are aware that one of them instructs the righteous of the nations to set up courts of justice. Hence, the Jews are responsible for policing the Noahides. Hashem commanded us to do that ourselves. Furthermore, only Noahides are subject to the Noahide Laws. Hence, if you reject them, that’s on you not me. Noahides have no authority nor commandment to enforce our laws on those who do not subscribe to them.

To be clear, Dr. Michael Brown is a Christian and not a Noahide. Hence, he is merely defending Noahides against these spurious accusations. Furthermore, this conspiracy theory is anti-Semitic. Perhaps as a Jew, this played some role in his defense. However, as a man who watches his videos from time to time, I believe him to be a standup guy. In this video he is defending not just people. He is defending the truth, and I thank him for that. If you watch the included video, please take a moment to leave it a like and a nice comment for his good work here. Thank you Dr. Brown.


I was raised a Christian, turned atheist as a teenager, and became a Noahide in my 40's. Here I will share what I have learned, and look forward to what you can teach me. Thank you for stopping by Biblical Anarchy. Feel free to leave a comment.

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